Friday, August 8, 2008

Shay is 4 months old today :)

Check out those chubbers!!
She loves to try to talk to you with her fist in her mouth!

Mason has been learning his colors and can sort them.  I was shocked.


Tara Maxfield said...

Shay is seriously one of the cutest little girls I know, so photogenic!

Mason - such a little smartey!

Lance and Becky said...

Happy 4 month Shay! Love those little legs of hers!

Lila said...

Yay Mason!I love watching them advance new developmental stages. Avery is serious shocking me every day. She is such a sponge right now. The other day she said she was "pissed" at something. You can imagine my shock. Neither Travis or myself use that word. I asked where she heard it and she said it was her singing teacher. I doubt it though. But I swear, they are listening when you don't want them to and don't listen when you do want them to. These kids are smart. they learn so quick and grow soooo fast.
Shay is beautiful.

The Ducketts said...

you have two cute little kids! and you are one cute to keep up on your life in Vegas!

Bryant and Mindy Atkinson said...

It was so good to see you the other day! Thanks for coming! You have such a cute family and made me so excited to become a mom. I can't wait to have pictures of my little girl to post...if she ever decides to come!!

Bryant and Mindy Atkinson said...

Happy Birthday Megs!!! Hope you have a good one! Love ya.