Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amanda's Maternity Sitting

Man, I wish I would have had this done for me when I was pregnant. Here are pictures of Amanda and Rob I took yesterday. Thought you may be interested in seeing a few. If you haven't checked out my site recently, take a peek at the Christmas cards. Get yours ordered early this year.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Sneek Peek...

For No Reason At All

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What a fun SURPRISE after my regular doctor appointment, I went down to the Bellagio with 3 other girls from my ward to a medical convention that was going on. They were asking for pregnant women who were 11-13 weeks along to come demonstrate a new ultrasound technique for physicians to practice on. They also said they would pay each participant $150 so a few pregnant girls in my ward decided to go and see what it was all about. We got there and there was two beds and two ultrasound machines. They did ultrasounds on each of us for like 15-20 minutes. We got to lie there and just watch our baby's on the screen. It was so much fun. They printed us a few pictures each. The icing on the cake was when they asked me if I wanted to find out the sex of my baby. This was totally unexpected being the I just had an ultrasound at my doctors this morning and they didn't mention anything about seeing the sex of my baby. Of course I replied "YES!" and they told me I was having a little baby GIRL!!! I was totally shocked and very excited! They said they were 98% sure so I guess I can start planning. I called Alan to give him the good news. He was very excited as well. Here are some more pictures of our baby.

So anyone want to go girl shopping with me and my new found cash?! :)

One Trimester Down, 2 To Go!

I had another ultrasound today. The tech said I am 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Which is 1 week and 2 days further along than expected. Yay. I guess my due date is now April 13th but we will see. The baby was moving all around and I could see it's little hands and feet. We will be able to find out whether it is a boy or a girl one week sooner now on Nov 1st. Hope you enjoy our latest pictures.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mason's Visit To The ORCHARD

Mason took a little trip to the Orchard this morning. He loved running (literally) down the tree isles and seeing the pumpkin patch. We even got to taste some fresh apple juice. It's nice to know there is a little bit of nature still left in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mason- The Dare Devil

Mason has been so fun lately at the playground. He now goes down slides head first. He loves to go down them although his face does not show it. He drops his jaw and it kind of takes his breath away but as soon as he reaches the bottom he wants to do it again. He is quite the dare devil. He is a picture from my phone.