Friday, July 27, 2007

How Addicted Are You?

I am happy to say I am only 60% addicted to blogging. Saw this quiz on my friends blog and decided to test it out.
60%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


Erin said...

Hey Megan!

It's your blogger friend Erin again. I have a high school reunion website set up for my class and I thought it would be cool to put the film strip thing down the side like you have on your site and was wondering how you got the pictures IN the film strip (I found the film strip online but just can't figure out how to put pictures in it). Please let me know! Thanks so much!


Kristen said...

Meg-- where have you been?! I check everyday... how am I supposed to know if Mason's doing a new trick or something since I've left??? :) How was family reunion? When is San Diego again?

Seriously... I've decided it's Seattle for relocation. This place is AWESOME!! The homes are amazing, and there is so much to do. It's August and everything is the brightest green I've ever seen. We are a few minutes from desert, mountains, lakes, ocean, city, farms, rivers, many cute antique shops, and some amazing fish. People walk, run, kayak, tube down rivers, hike, bike like I've never seen. People (away from the city, and less expensive) have green! soccer fields for front AND backyards. I think this is the place for the Sagers family! :) Let's plan a recruitment trip!!

Tara said...

Were you guys in town and didn't even try to call us?! Just kiddin'. You've got lots of people to see I'm sure. We'll be in Vegas in October-wanna hang?