Saturday, March 17, 2007

My attempt at "Gardening"

So as you may know I definitely do not have a green thumb. My first attempt at planting flowers didn't go so well, my flowers lived about a week. Since my pot has now been sitting for two years with dead flowers in it I finally got the urge to attempt the gardening thing again. My tiny backyard is as hands off desert landscaping as it comes so I wanted to add a small amount of color. Yesterday I planted these cute orange flowers and I didn't even get my hands dirty :) If you haven't already planted some spring flowers you should. If I can do it you can too. It suprisingly cheap and really easy. I'll keep you posted on my flowers livelihood (sp).


Mandy said...

nice job megan! flowers sure do spruce up an area dont they?

Kelly said...

The flowers look so cute!! Mine die every year but now that I am home I think I will have a little bit more time to pay attention to them and attempt to keep them alive. They always make your house look better too:)