Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ok so ever since Mason was born everyone says he looks like Alan. Lately I've been seeing a little more of me in him. I dug up some old baby pictures of Alan and I for proof. What do YOU think?


ChelseaHoopes said...

He is a complete mix. I could only tell who you are from the bow and clothes. That's crazy.

How do you put your photos together? Is photoshop?

Scott, Tara & Caden Maxfield said...

It really depends on the face he is making. When we came to see you in the hospital I thought he looked more like you, but as he has gotten older I see alot of Alan too. I think he is a very good mix, especially after seeing both of your baby pics.

Taylor Oblad said...

I remember that picture of Alan with the footbal hanging on the wall in his house from many years ago. It was total nastalgia, it felt like I was 6 years old again. Tell Alan if he doesn't play fair I'm taking my ball home.